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In San Francisco, if you are a software engineer most probably you have an idea for a start-up. I’d compare it with LA scene of wannabe actors. They all bootstrap and struggle to make it in the industry. If their idea makes sense and they are able to go through hurtles long enough, some of them succeed. As opposed to other industries, most of the software products are developed by teams of people working remotely, especially in the initial phase. Even more so, if the product targets international markets, building a multicultural team creates a competitive advantage. In order to […]

OFFICE SPACE DESIGN from the Coffee Shop office to a real office

After months or even years of boot strapping, as soon as you rise funds you’re officially recognized a start-up. You probably thought that once funds get available, a lot of your problems disappear. Wrong. They’ll double, plus you add stress coming from your investors to deliver. Happy or not your wish came true. The good news is there are people like us who can help you deliver and being emphatic with your new circumstance. If you’re at the point of looking for professionals to design your office, you probably have already exhausted any arrangements of temporary work environment and decided […]

San Francisco Permitting Process Demystified

San Francisco is a great city to be in real estate business but when it comes to getting permits to build or remodel this city becomes a nightmare weather you’re an architect, builder or even an experienced developer. People are complaining, for the right reason, on two issues: unclear criteria for getting project approved and lengthily time-frame to issue permits for a project. As a comparison, for a single family residence or a multifamily project in Seattle you could get permits within 6 months, in San Francisco it takes 2 years or more to get those permits (if no trial […]


The frameless doors are definitely one of the features of this project. Their full floor to ceiling height makes a regular 8ft space to appear more like 9 ft one or so. Even though they are on the expensive side, you can look at this as a way of saving money since you don’t have to build a taller space yet experience in those areas. The doors were imported from Italy and it took 9 months to be delivered. I imported directly from the factory, no middle man here. So I was able to give full discount to my client. Unfortunately, the delays […]

Tips to Select a Contractor

Here are few tips on how to select your contractor: 1. Check out their previous work. The closer their previous projects are with your design the higher chances are to execute details as planed by you and without too much supervision. 2. Recommendations.  It’s always best to have a pool of contractors recommended by friends or professionals which you admire them in some respect. If you don’t have such recommendations, ask the contractor to see any of the projects they completed. Watching the dynamic between the contractor and his old client it’s a good sign to see how he’ll collaborate […]

LENORA Project_ Selection Process for the Contractor

LENORA project consisted in remodeling two apartments and converting them into a single unit. The apartments are located in one of the South Lake Union high-rise buildings. Biding time came 3 months after starting the design for this remodeling project. Considering the contemporary design and the types of details we were looking for in this project, we selected contractors that could understand the job without us micro-managing them. We thought that by hiring contractors who already know how to build contemporary details, it’d save money. Unfortunately, in Seattle, contemporary design contractors are quite scarce. My first attempt was to approach […]

DA house _ construction

Kitchen Design Generally speaking, the kitchen is the most complex area in a residents, because here different vendors and subs really have to speak with each other in order to coordinate the work. The precision is at .125″ and in a remodel project giving enough design tolerances is the key. The concept for this kitchen was to create a non-kitchen specific functional space to give the visual sensation of an extension of the living space. Open plan kitchens are a great opportunity to socialize while cooking but it transforms in an appliances and dishes display when you’re just enjoying your […]